Treasury Funds

The breakdown of potential treasury fund uses *ยน

Strategic Usage of Microsoft Azure - Implementation of Microsoft Azure for hosting services to improve performance and security. - Payment for cloud resources (CPU/Storage) tailored to our specific needs and infinitely scalable.

Marketing - Revenue sharing funding and an affiliate program to accelerate user adoption - Strategic marketing campaigns to increase crypto community awareness and adoption. - Allocation for advertising, community engagement initiatives, and promotional activities

Community Building - Creating community-building initiatives such as events, partnerships, and educational programs. - Supporting initiatives that contribute to the growth and sustainability of the larger DeFi community.

Development Cost - Covering the development and refinement of Judge AI's infrastructure, features, and capabilities. - Covering expenses related to ensuring the continuous improvement and innovation of the platform.

Extensive Testing and Jury Training for MVP - Investing in rigorous testing of the Judge AI platform to ensure its robustness and security. - Continuous education for Jury members to further grow their/our expertise.

Buy Backs - Maintaining a buyback program to instill confidence and support the value of our token. - Purchasing tokens from the market to be held in reserve, committing to long-term value appreciation.

Research and Development - Funding ongoing research to stay ahead of advancements in AI and blockchain technologies. - Investing in the development of new features and functionalities that will improve Judge AI's capabilities.

Legal and Compliance - Setting aside funds for future legal consultations to ensure compliance with regulatory standards. - Working with legal professionals to navigate complex regulatory landscapes and mitigate potential risks.

Contingency Reserve - Creating a contingency fund to address unforeseen challenges or opportunities. - Providing adaptability to changing market conditions and technological developments.

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