Holder Tiers

Holder Tiers Judge AI's revolutionary three-tier holder structure is strategically designed as a scalable freemium solution, ensuring accessibility and value at every level.

Beginning with a no-cost entry level for basic analysis and summaries, our tiers gradually increase in value, providing mid- to large-sized holders with unparalleled value beyond traditional return on investment.

This scaling strategy exemplifies Judge AI's role as a game changer, dedicated to continuous growth, innovation, and delivering significant benefits to our diverse user base.

Tier Levels$JUDGE Holding RequirementAccess Level

Tier 1


Basic analyses and summaries

Tier 2


TBA access

Tier 3


TBA access

Holder Perks Our ecosystem's holder perks provide $JUDGE token holders with a variety of exclusive benefits that will gradually expand. Access to premium features, improved utility functionality, and early beta testing will be among the benefits.

Earning Opportunities Our Revenue Sharing and Affiliate opportunities foster a mutually beneficial environment in which enthusiastic community members and investors are rewarded and encouraged to promote our AI Auditing solution, resulting in a true win-win situation for users, the community, and the project.

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